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Jane Dow

Light-heart is a community minded enterprise encouraging personal responsibility and transformation through meditation and mindfulness. In today’s turbulent world we have the opportunity to be of service to our selves and others by learning how to meditate and discovering our core nature, which is peaceful, joyful, compassionate and fulfilled.

We offer training in the clinically proven techniques of Mindfulness and  the more spiritual approaches of traditional Meditation. We also offer fun and therapeutic outdoor meditation and forest bathing sessions.



The name ‘light-heart’ describes the flow of diamond-light from the soul and the expression of this light, as intelligent love, through the heart, in daily life.

Hello & welcome from Jane to Light-heart meditation & mindfulness

I have been practicing and teaching meditation and mindfulness to adults and young people for nearly 20 years and aspire to bring a light-hearted approach to life. I have trained with a broad range of organisations including advanced teacher training (Mindfulness) with Breathworks. I also participate in World Goodwill meditations with the Lucis Trust.

My aspiration is to help people to re-connect with their inner peace, to find some relief from the frantic world in which we all live. When we learn how to be with our core stillness, we can meet with our soul self or conscience (our inner, higher, loving and lighter self), which can guide us towards a more fulfilling and joyful life.

This new life can evolve in unexpected ways as we release old, familiar habits and embrace new ones. It is a life-long journey and is one that ultimately serves everyone around us – people will ask how you look so happy, young, calm and serene. The rewards are countless – the more we release, the more we gain in other ways, we discover joy and are nourished by the process of Life itself.

My personal journey with meditation began over 20 years ago, much of this journey involved a deep, meditative connection with the natural world.

I continue to use a variety of meditation techniques which include: 

Meditation to align with soul or conscience 

Clinical and traditional Mindfulness

Meditation to transform core beliefs

Meditation to balance the subtle anatomy (energy field)

Visualisation and image work

Meditation with symbols, sound, colour and in nature

I have proven to myself the benefits of meditation and mindfulness; I no longer suffer with depression or anxiety and know what it is to live in alignment with my core values. This is a very rewarding journey which brings about deep self knowledge, self acceptance and love for humanity.

Discover peace, moment by moment by moment… love Jane

“What day is it?”, asked Winnie the Pooh
“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet
“My favourite day,” said Pooh”

A.A. Milne



“Hi Jane. Great introduction on Monday.. I actually slept through for 7 hours (unheard for me). Looking forward to the next seven weeks.”


“Hi Jane, Just discovered your Chakra Balance – love it! “


“What happened that day almost seemed like a mini-miracle but within ten minutes of being in my first meditation session with Jane, my backache just eased away.“

Julie’s experience

“Thank you Jane. Really enjoyed the sessions have found the whole experience very empowering.”


“Hello Jane, I’ve had a wonderful time in the course and its helped me in a very busy time of my life. In the last two weeks I have had many breakthroughs with the meditation exercises and have really been calming down and able to control my anxiety which has been wonderful. I hope to take more courses with you in the future so please don’t hesitate to send out anything.”


“Thank you Jane. I found the day very enlightening. I have been practicing meditation since and so far have had 2 nights of uninterrupted sleep. Pure Bliss.”


“Light-heart meditation an informative day with so many varieties/choices of how to meditation. A day filled with calmness, stillness meditation … Highly recommend Light-heart meditation school. thank you Jane “


“Thank you for starting me on my path of meditation and mindfulness, it’s been brilliant.”


“Thank you for the session tonight. I reached places I have never been before. I would love to book in again and bring my husband…”


“A wonderful welcome and peaceful environment, thank you”


“As a new person I felt straight away included and welcomed. The approach was allowing and space-giving. The guided meditation was at once captivating and calming. I appreciated that we were given a chance to share briefly what arose for different individuals. Peer-support and connection. All round a lovely experience.”


“This is the highlight of my week…”


”S was saying how much she enjoyed the walk at Knettishall and how great you were at assessing needs and making the walk suitable and enjoyable for all. Thank you.”

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

“We had really good feedback from the well-being walk and hopefully this will be something we can do more of.”

Suffolk Family Carers