Meditation & mindfulness for beginners

“Peace can be reached through concentration upon that which is dearest to the heart.” A A Bailey

Did you know that a focused, concentrated mind is far less busy and stressed than a scattered one?

By practising simple meditation and mindfulness techniques for a few minutes each day we can improve our health and well-being, our relationships and deepen our understanding of who we are.

Meditation also connects us to our inner wisdom, awakening us to a life of personal power, wisdom, love, trust and fulfilment.

What is meditation?

Meditation begins with the practice of being concentrated, calm, alert and relaxed.
When you achieve this state, a sense of serenity can develop. It is from this place of serenity that you begin to awaken to your natural gifts of inner power, love and fulfilment.  Gradually you become more relaxed and able to trust in the process of Life itself as you are guided by your higher, spiritual-self to a place of fulfilment and well-being.

Modern meditation does not have to be attached to any religion and doesn’t have to be spiritual, just the process of developing a still, calm, concentrated mind can create massive changes in our lives and boost our well-being. Meditation does offer the opportunity to expand our consciousness beyond the material world and into the subtle spiritual realms where we can discover the fact of the soul and feel the love, support and guidance that so many of us yearn for.


    Introduction to meditation & mindfulness one day retreat

This one day retreat is designed to enable you to choose which form of meditation works best for you (also available as a six week course) and includes:

1. What are mindfulness & meditation, relaxation.
2. F.A.Q.s and meditation with sound.
3. Meditation with voice.
4. Meditation with visualisation & meditation tools.
5. Meditating with open eyes, moving meditation.
6. Becoming the Observer.

Meditation and mindfulness are a way of life and to be effective require practice between sessions.

Introduction to Meditation & mindfulness 1 day retreats cost £60 (or £10 per session) with a deposit of half the cost (£30) payable in advance  Book course