Enjoy some time for peace and self-discovery.


With a gentle, heart centred and intuitive approach we can find and release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks through meditation.

Working together as a group is a deeply supportive and liberating experience; group work helps to lift the individual to a higher point of understanding and supports deeper healing.



"I am a pool of quiet.

Naught must destroy that peace,

for all around me need that peace and quiet

that the restful waters give."

Alice A Bailey

light-heart meditation still Lily pond

Courses and Retreats

I just wanted to say thank you again for this afternoon’s class.
After the start that I have had to  this year I was beginning to feel that my only option was to give up. Today’s class has given me hope that I can pull this negative start to the year round to a positive finish.
Everything you said today resonated with me and gave me hope that I can pull this together.

Thank you once again, S