light-heart meditation therapy

One to One sessions for personal healing and spiritual integration.

All healing is a process of revelation -

revelation comes as we open our hearts and minds and discover more of our Soul self.

MT involves the development of an intuitive (soul level) rapport between client and therapist resulting in guided visualisations, or image work, to release, heal and integrate higher spiritual energies.

MT is both a spiritual and a talking therapy. Throughout each bespoke, one hour session, we will be open to reveal the cause of imbalance or dis-ease and it's release through intuitive, guided visualisation. We work throughout the subtle anatomy to leave you feeling grounded, balanced and open to deeper healing as the energies integrate into your physical, emotional and mental bodies.

After each session you are provided with a recorded meditation for continuing healing.

Each hour long meditation therapy sessions costs £40    Contact Jane for more information.

Since last time I met you, my sense of loss and fear is being replaced by acceptance and self forgiveness. Best wishes, S

Thank you for everything, specially for freeing me from the pain that was slaving my soul. SP

Thank you Jane, working with you has given me a sense of self worth that I never thought was possible. My back pain has gone and I know what to do if it returns. JB