Meditation Therapy (MT)

Meditation Therapy – One to One sessions for personal healing and spiritual integration.
Healing can be seen as a process of revelation and integration. Revelation comes as we open our hearts and minds and discover more of our soul self.

MT provides intuitive guided visualisations to release and re-balance physical, emotional and mental issues. Working with the subtle anatomy this heart-centred process reminds you of your deep, loving, soul connection and builds your trust in your ability to self-heal.

MT involves the development of an intuitive (soul level) rapport between client and therapist and empowers the client to develop their own loving relationship with their higher self. The soul speaks to us in symbols, and through the use of this symbolic language we can learn to heal our self. It can take two people working together to hold a point of stability and to reach the understanding required before healing can take place.

MT is both a spiritual and a talking therapy. Throughout each unique, one hour session we will be open to reveal the cause of imbalance or dis-ease, including limiting core beliefs, and it’s release through intuitive, guided visualisation.

I work throughout the subtle anatomy to leave you feeling grounded, balanced and open to deeper healing as the energies integrate into your physical, emotional and mental bodies. After each session you are provided with further meditation for continuing healing.

Sessions cost £40.  Contact Jane for more information.  

What happened that day almost seemed like a mini-miracle but within ten minutes of being in my first meditation session with Jane, my backache just eased away.” Julie

“my sleep that night was the deepest that I have known for a very long time.” PB

Thank you for your astute insights and healing, I feel more grounded and better than I have in ages. ” CR

These sessions have helped tremendously, thank you. p.s the follow up meditations are really helpful too 🙂.” JB