Beech Leaves in Autumn

"Peace can be reached through concentration upon that which is dearest to the heart." 

Alice A Bailey

The science of meditation has been practised for thousands of years; it embraces both spiritual and secular techniques that bring about a sense of calm, connected, compassionate being.

I loosely use the term meditation to describe a more spiritual practice, and mindfulness to describe the clinically effective meditation techniques used to help conventional health and well-being issues.

Meditation is an effective means of connecting with your innermost, wisest and highest self, sometimes called the Soul. Daily meditation gradually builds a link between the everyday self and the Soul, this link has been called the antahkarana or rainbow bridge. When we develop this mental link we are connecting to our inner wisdom, awakening us to a life of personal power, freedom, love, trust and fulfilment. As our spiritual intuition increases, our opportunity to be of fulfilling service also becomes more apparent.

Meditation does not have to be associated with any particular religion or spiritual ideology, it is a very personal journey which liberates us from cultural limitations. An authentic meditation practice is always inclusive and expansive and feels 'right'.

light-heart meditation Nicholas-Roerich-St.-Panteleimon-the-Healer

What is meditation?

All meditation begins with the practice of being concentrated, calm, alert and at ease, it is not just guided relaxation or visualisation, although these techniques are of value at different times.

When you achieve this calm and alert state, a sense of serenity can develop. It is from this place of serenity that you begin to build a bridge to your natural gifts of personal power, unconditional love and inner wisdom.  Gradually, you become more relaxed and able to trust in the process of Life itself as you are guided by your higher, intuitive-self to a place of fulfilment and well-being.

Millions of people have discovered that meditation doesn't have to be attached to any religion or spiritual ideology to be effective, just the process of developing a still, calm, concentrated mind can create significant changes in our lives and boost our well-being. Meditation does, however, provide the opportunity to expand our consciousness beyond the material world and into the subtle spiritual realms, where we can discover the fact of the soul for our self and feel the love, support and guidance that so many of us yearn for.

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