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 Introduction to mindfulness, 8 week course

There are eight, hour-long, Introduction to mindfulness sessions. The sessions enable you to gradually develop and build an effective clinical mindfulness practice which leads to a lasting sense of well-being. The sessions are available via zoom, in face to face classes or 1-1. We can even set up courses in your own home.

Week 1. Automatic vs conscious. Foundation building.

Week 2. Non judgement. Thinking mind vs sensing mind.

Week 3. Early warning techniques.

Week 4. Over thinking and de-centralising.


Week 7.  Exploring and embracing challenges.

Week 8.  Compassionate meditation for negative thinking.

Week 9.  Choosing to nourish yourself. Building resilience. 

Week 10. Ongoing mindfulness in daily life.

Meditation and mindfulness are a way of life and to be effective, require practice between sessions.

Introduction to Mindfulness 1 hour sessions cost £10 per session. A deposit of half the full course fee (£40) is required to secure your place, the remainder to be paid in full before the start of the course . Please contact Jane to check availability, payment can be made here.

Courses can  also be set up in the comfort of your own home, contact Jane for more information.

What happened that day almost seemed like a mini-miracle but within ten minutes of being in my first meditation session with Jane, my backache just eased away . Furthermore it hasn’t yet returned to be a significant problem. J