Mindfulness is the cost effective way to increase health and well-being at work or in education.


Corporate offer

UK businesses lose over £35 billion each year due to absences in the workplace. Even more is lost through employees struggling to work even when they are ill or in pain. Give your team additional tools to cope with stress, anxiety and suffering.

Mindfulness can take just a few minutes each day and produces happier, healthier people. You can equip your teams to better deal with everyday pressures leading to:

  • greater productivity
  • enhanced creativity
  • better communication
  • fewer sick days
  • increased concentration 
  • improved quality of life

The benefits of mindfulness have been researched for over three decades in a wide range of studies. For more information on the proven benefits of Mindfulness visit Breathworks.

Some of our recent partners…

Mindfulness sessions in your organisation can cost as little as £40 and may even be grant funded. Contact Jane to discuss your options.


  Schools & youth groups offer 

We have a crisis of confidence amongst our young people. A growing body of evidence demonstrates that a mindfulness practice helps young people to cultivate empathy, concentration and impulse control and helps older children to navigate the challenges of hormonal changes as well as the increasingly complex pressures of our technological society.

Meditation with young people is designed to help children and young people of all ages grow in confidence and self awareness and to help them to relax. Based on the wisdom and practice of traditional meditation and clinical mindfulness techniques, these sessions provide a variety of activities which appeal to young people of all ages. Using music, story telling, movement and the breath, there is a meditation to suit everyone of any age.

Mindfulness sessions in your school or college can cost as little as £40 per session and may even be grant funded. Contact Jane to discuss your options.