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Learn to teach meditation 

Lead Forest Bathing sessions (mindful nature walks) 

Certificated courses to enable you teach meditation & basic mindfulness to groups and 1-1 clients, or to lead small Forest Bathing groups on mindful nature walks.

Teach Meditation

Lead Forest Bathing (Mindful Nature Walks)

A thorough grounding in how to teach a variety of meditation techniques, including introductory mindfulness.

The teacher's course includes guidance on: what to be aware of and how to best support your group, how to avoid the dangers of meditation, the spiritual science of meditation and the Raja Yoga technique of soul integration.

It is ideal for people wanting to lead meditation in groups and for complementary therapists offering 1-1 sessions who want to enhance their client's relaxation experience. This course will both add to your professional skills and enhance your personal meditation practice.

Courses cover three days; an initial weekend with a follow up session after six weeks.

A teaching certificate is awarded after evidence is provided of running at least four group meditation sessions, with session notes and follow up notes for each class. A six week personal meditation journal is also required for the period between training sessions.

We only run small, intimate sessions to guarantee the best learning experience.

The cost for all three days is £300- this includes a teacher's manual, teachers certificate, follow up support and access to practitioner's insurance cover.

This is a unique course designed to support you to support others develop a deep inner connection. With over 15 years of practical experience we can highlight the frequently asked student questions, offer guidance on how to hold your group 'steady in the light' and enable you to lead from the heart with confidence.


Mindful nature walks are an ideal way to soothe the soul and lift the spirits - a moving meditation with periods of stillness and reflection.

When taken to a deeper level, they can re-connect us to our innate sense of community, of being part of something far greater than we are as individuals. Nature is awe inspiring, comforting and deeply stabilising!

The walk leaders course covers topics such as: what is a mindful nature walk or Forest Bathing & how it helps us to be more at peace (we look at the nuts and bolts clinical evidence), the safety and practicalities of running a safe, group walk, how to structure your session, and much more.

These are fun and rewarding sessions that will really benefit your clients. The course is ideal for people who want to set up or add a new element to their health walks or to those who want to extend their therapy practice outside. It will also help you to feel more grounded and connected in your own Life.

The course takes 1.5 days to complete; a full day of theory and practice and a half day of follow up training, after you have practical experience in delivering sessions to clients.

The cost for the two sessions is £150- this includes a teacher's manual, teachers certificate, follow up support and access to practitioner's insurance cover.

This is a unique course designed to support you to lead small groups into the therapeutic wonder of the natural world. As a qualified Rambler's Walking For Health trainer and Breathworks trained mindfulness teacher, I can ensure that you receive the most appropriate training in leading Mindful Nature Walks for your clients, enabling you to lead from the heart with confidence.

What people are saying

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and its so lovely to meet like-minded people. Looking forward to being able to share more with each other in the future. VB July 21

I absolutely loved it, thank you. Thank you for your patience and your beautiful kind words. I am so looking forward to leading the session this week. JA July 21

I loved the course and thank you for the opportunity. It taught many new things .. it’s was an honour meeting you Jane and I look forward to seeing you again sometime. JF July 21

I did a longer forest bathing session in my Nature Babies group today and it was really lovely. Definitely felt more confident after yesterday! Thanks so much. KK July 21