A selection of meditations for mindful concentration and healing.

These ‘mindful mini-breaks’ can leave us feeling calm, refreshed and ready to continue the day with a lighter heart. Choose from guided mindfulness, sacred chants, natural sounds and sweet silence.

Try to stay mentally focused throughout and notice how you feel before and after your meditation.

13 Thirty minute body scan meditation

A thirty minute-long mindful body scan meditation.

12 Forgiveness Meditation

When we hold on to pain, resentment and fear we are storing up trouble for our self and carrying the weight of the past. By accepting that what has happened can't be changed, we can surrender, let go and choose to move on into a new sense of freedom.

11 Healing Sanctuary

A gentle, guided visualisation to help you to create a sacred space for inner transformation and healing.

10 Chakra Balance with Toning

A guided meditation designed to create awareness of each of the main chakras and to invite them to come into balance. Our intention to cleanse and balance our subtle anatomy can lead to real and lasting well-being.

9 Om Balance Meditation

Use the healing sounds of the sacred Om to balance subtle anatomy and bring a sense of grounding and stability.

8 Listening Outside

A guided mindful listening meditation, outside in spring woodland in gentle rain.

7 Thoughts Meditation

A guided mindful meditation to develop the skill of observing thoughts. This is a key skill for effective meditation of all styles.

6 Charged Thoughts

A guided mindful meditation to recognise and address charged thoughts - learning to  meditate with emotionally distracting thoughts.

5 Difficult Experiences

A guided meditation to help manage difficult experiences, this takes us one step further than meditating with 'charged thoughts'. A meditation for compassionate acceptance of life's challenges.

4 Breath Meditation

A guided mindful meditation on the breath - the anchor of countless meditation practices across the globe. Meditation on the sensations of the breath can help to quieten the mind and bring about a sense of peace.

3 Body Scan Meditation

A guided mindful meditation focussing on the physical sensations experienced in the body - a traditional and trusted meditation practice across the planet.

2 Ten Chimes

A silent meditation for personal practice, with a clear chime every minute to support mental focus.

1 Om Sanctuary

A ten minute taster of the classic Om Sanctuary chant by J McKean, allow it wash over you as you follow your own way to inner stillness.