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Light-heart meditation and outdoor meditation

By practising simple meditation techniques for a few minutes each day you can improve your health and well-being, your relationships and deepen your understanding of who you are.

Outdoor meditation and forest bathing expands and enhances your practice, establishing a deep, nourishing connection to the natural world.

Read more in Great British Life about Forest Bathing at Knettishall Heath here

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Light-heart mindfulness

Small, friendly classes (in person, or on-line) designed to give you the skills to manage life's natural challenges and to create a real sense of well-being. Mindfulness is clinically proven to assist with pain relief, sleeplessness, anxiety and many other medical conditions.

Light-heart mindfulness courses are based on the nationally recognised Breathworks programmes, but with a personal touch, developed from my own experience of teaching mindfulness to groups and in 1-1 sessions.

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Light-heart meditation therapy

Meditation therapy is a deeply relaxing and effective 1-1 therapeutic technique. Together, we use the intuitive awareness created through guided meditation to release and balance fears, negative beliefs and limiting behaviour, creating a real sense of well-being. No previous meditation experience is necessary for the therapy to be effective, just bring a willingness to be open to your own inner wisdom and the courage to follow through.

Coronavirus update:

Our classes will soon be back at the Self Centre in Bury St Edmunds.

If you would like to join a class or course contact Jane or the Self Centre

Light-heart forthcoming courses

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6th - Thursday evening Introduction to Mindfulness, 8 week course 7.00-8.00

6th - Thursday evening Meditation for Self Development 8.00-9.00

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