Meditation & Mindfulness for everyone

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Light-heart meditation and mindfulness

By practising simple meditation and mindfulness techniques for a few minutes each day you can improve your health and well-being, your relationships and deepen your understanding of who you are.

Sunflower on a meadow in the light of the setting sun

Light-heart forest Bathing & mindful nature walks

Enjoy guided outdoor meditation, designed to bring a deep sense of connection to nature and life. Feel the busy world drop away as we immerse ourselves in the natural wonder of the outdoors. A slow, gentle walk with mindful breaks and meditative focus.

Woman holding red poppy flower in field at sunset, closeup

Light-heart Guided meditations and mindfulness focus

These ‘mindful mini-breaks’ can leave us calm, refreshed and ready to continue the day with a lighter heart. Choose from sacred chants, uplifting song, natural sounds and sweet silence.

Try to stay mentally focused throughout and notice how you feel before and after your meditation.

Coronavirus update:

Our classes are continuing on line and will soon be back at the Self Centre. If you would like to join a class or course contact Jane or the Self Centre

Wednesday evenings 7.45-8.15 FREE virtual Meditation class

Thursday mornings 10.45- 11.45 virtual Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing with The Self Centre

Light-heart forthcoming courses

Mindful Nature Walks are at: Bradfield Woods booked via the Suffolk Wildlife Trust and Knettishall Heath on the 1st Sunday of the month POSTPONED

New classes:

Bury St Edmunds – The Self Centre: Introduction to Mindfulness – 8 week courses run on Wednesday evenings, 6.15-7.15 POSTPONED

Stowmarket – Introduction to Mindfulness – 8 week course from Monday 20th April 6.30-7.30 WATCH THIS SPACE

Drop In class – The Self Centre, Bury St Edmunds, now on Wednesdays 7.45- 8.45 £5 in advance, £7 at the class POSTPONED