Green leaves with reflection in water

Mindful meditation has proven clinical benefits for our health and well-being including; overcoming depression, relieving stress & anxiety, effective pain relief  & improving sleep.

Mindfulness helps us to build better relationships and creates a more positive life experience.

Moment by moment by moment.


I am currently taking part in your lovely mindfulness course on Wednesday evenings. I LOVE it. I've been practising meditation for a few years now and I thoroughly enjoy your sessions. KG


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of being calm and alert and fully present in each moment – it requires concentration and self-compassion and leads to a sense of joyful serenity. Clinical mindfulness is not a spiritual practice, although mindfulness provides the strong foundations required for all spiritual meditation practices.

A variety of clinical mindfulness exercises can be used to help build an effective meditation practice until it becomes a way of life. We are then able to choose how we respond to the stress generated by our overactive mind, emotions and body.

Why does Mindfulness work?

In a nutshell, Mindfulness changes the hormones secreted by our bodies - we make a shift from releasing stressful adrenaline to releasing nourishing endorphins. This shift occurs when we concentrate our mind on the sensory experience of each moment and our brains no longer register that we are at risk or under threat - the brain believes that we are safe and sends out a message that we can relax and feel well. Simple huh!


I found it very hard to deal with the constant pain from my broken back and was very irritable and depressed. Mindfulness with Jane has taught me how to accept the pain instead of resisting it, this has actually reduced the feelings of pain and suffering. My life now seems to be more balanced, I feel kinder to myself and others. The pain will always be there but it is now in the background, it no longer dominates my life and emotions. I.T.